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    Here you will find a brief presentation of our company

    and methodology!

  • Our business is to take care of your Human Resources needs!

    We are specialized in international Recruitment.

    Recruitment & Selection

    Recruitment and Selection is a challenge that companies try to overcome every day.

    Here we give our best, every day, always hoping to find "the perfect match" for our clients.

  • Our Recruitment & Selection Methodology


    Survey of the need for recruitment

    The HR Consultant, responsible for the client's management, will survey the desired profile taking into account the job/function, functions to be performed, organizational environment, culture, requirements, conditions and other necessary related information.
    This first meeting will also define how the process will be managed with the client.


    Action plan design

    The HR consultant develops the tools and the necessary documents and meets the recruiter who will be responsible for the R&S process in order to indicate to him which profile (s) and their specificities and which procedure to follow in the management of recruitment.
    Everything is ready, it's time to start looking for the ideal candidate (s).


    Activation de nos méthodologies de recherche et sélection des candidats

    In the search for candidates, we adjust the survey taking into account the profile to be recruited and we use all possible channels and the latest market trends to get the best candidates taking into account the Hard-Skills and Soft-Skills presented by the client
    Clear, honest communication, based on mutual trust and respect and long professional relationships is seen by us as something very positive because in many cases it provides references from good professionals.
    Our research and selection method includes headhunting, a direct specialized and sector-specific search. The goal is to find the ideal candidate for each role and organization.


    Customer and candidate follow-up

    For us, today and always, customer satisfaction is really important as well as the candidate's satisfaction and that is why monitoring is also something we are very aware of.
    We request feedback in order to ensure that our work has been done well and also to analyze and implement improvements. We like to evolve for you, be it our client or our candidate because we like it and we want to continue by your side!

  • À propos de nous.

    HumanSkills-HR was founded in August 2015 in the city of Vila do Conde, district of Porto, Portugal, and currently has an office in Rio Mau - Vila do Conde and an office in Porto Salvo - Oeiras, Lisbon.


    Since 2016 we have been betting on specialized recruitment and selection for several countries and to this day we have clients in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

    We are specialists in several areas such as hospitality, health, technical profiles, engineering, construction and we are available to develop R&S processes in other areas.

    Our work is always personalized with proximity between companies and employees because we believe that only then will the service provided have a high success rate.


    Our values ​​and mission are passed on to everyone in order to guarantee the essence of the organization and the quality of service provided.


    We aim to continue to grow nationally and internationally and retain customers as has been happening.

INFORMATION: Data protection
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By sending your CV and / or sharing your data, you are authorizing HumanSkills-HR to contact you, to clarify the information provided in the content. We also inform you that the data is intended solely for the management of processes for recruitment and selection that may arise and, if not admitted, will be kept for a period of twelve months in our database, solely for the purpose of new recruitments.
If you want to rectify, update and / or delete your personal data in advance, you must request it in writing and send an email to privacy@humanskills-hr.com.